Hacking is Not a Crime

Hacking is Not a Crime In the digital age, the term “hacker” often conjures images of shadowy figures committing cybercrimes. However, this portrayal is a far cry from the truth about the hacker community and its contributions to society. The narrative that all hackers are inherently malicious is not only misleading but also overlooks the […]

America Died 06/24/22

America Died 06/24/22 Fourth of July weekend is here, and everyone is excited to celebrate 246 years of Red, White, and Blue. I can’t say I feel celebratory. I feel as I’ve been mourning the loss of a friend this past week. America is dead. Before I’m attacked for being dramatic, hear me out. America […]

This Is Not A Catch-22

This Is Not A Catch-22 In his 1961 novel Catch-22, Joseph Heller coined the titular term to describe an inescapable dilemma created by contradictory limitations. A ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ type of problem. I find many voters in America today believe they are in a catch-22 with this presidential election. But that […]